Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day in the life

* Alarm goes off.
* Snooze.
* Snooze.
* Get out of bed.
* Wake a very grumpy and reluctant G.
* Go downstairs and make G's waffles.
* Go back upstairs and tell G to go eat the waffles before they get soggy.
* Take shower.
* Go to the top of the stairs, wrapped in a towel, and remind G to use deodorant.
* Get dressed.
* Go back to the top of the stairs and inform G that she is not, in fact, "getting dressed" unless she's actually putting clothes on her body.
* Get G's lunch out of the refrigerator.
* Send G upstairs to brush her teeth.
* Leave for school.
* Get delayed by accident in intersection near home.
* Drop G off just in time to make it through the gate.
* Return home to dry hair and put on makeup.
* Leave for work.
* Meeting.
* E-mail.
* Work.
* At lunchtime, go to Target and buy remaining items for G's Easter basket, because I am not going to get caught flat-footed the way I did last year.
* Meeting.
* Eat sandwich at desk.
* More e-mail.
* More work.
* At 5:30, G calls with a reminder that it's Pajama Movie Night at her school and the movie starts in half an hour.
* Leave work and zoom to supermarket because everyone is supposed to bring a dessert to Pajama Movie Night.
* Buy ready-made brownies from the bakery.
* Zoom home and get G's pajamas, blanket and pillow.
* Hide Easter-basket stuff in high kitchen cupboard
* Collect G and wait while she changes into PJs.
* Go back home to get Nancy, her Webkinz tiger, whom I forgot during my first stop.
* Drive to school and arrive only 15 minutes late.
* Set G up in the multipurpose room with her blanket and some food.
* Go outside to attend PTA meeting at the lunch tables.
* Volunteer to help the PTA with writing news items to place in the local paper. (OMG, what was I thinking?)
* Go inside and finish watching the movie with G.
* Get homework pass excusing G from doing homework for tomorrow. (You get one of these if you attend a PTA family night.)
* Go home.
* Scroll through old videocassettes, looking for a blank one so G can use the video camera.
* Fail to find one.
* Send G to brush her teeth.
* Put G to bed over protests of "I can't sleep; I'm too hyper!"
* G falls asleep.
* Go downstairs and wonder whether 9:45 p.m. is too late to eat dinner.
* Have some microwaved soup.
* Feed cats.
* Pack tomorrow's lunch.
* Decide to forgo exercise for the evening, as the day itself was a workout.
* Bed.


GRinDC said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading about your day!

All Adither said...

You good mom, you. That's busy.

Smartphone said...
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