Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Signs you are raising a nerd (in the best possible way)

G has been playing with her hieroglyphic stencil.

G: Want to see what I wrote in hieroglyphics?
Me: Sure.
G: *points to three rows of characters*
Me: Oh, that's cool. What does it say?
G: This one says 'OMG,' this one says 'J/K,' and this one says 'LOL.'
Me: Ancient Egyptian text messaging?
G: Yeah.

Fifteen minutes later, a panicked cry from upstairs ...

G: Mom! Mom! Where's my thesaurus?
Me: It's probably on your bookshelf.


Me: Why do you need a thesaurus?
G: To read while I'm in the bathroom.


All Adither said...

She's super cute. I hope my daughter is just like her. Minus the getting up early on Saturday morning.

Anonymous said...

of course she needs a thesaurus in the bathroom :-)

Pixilated Mum said...


She is SO you (in the best possible way). : )

Sounds like an older Essie.

We were at a little dinner party, and in the middle of it, my girl was totally absorbed in a book and forgetting to be polite and talk to the other kids. *sigh*

Vanessa said...

One of G's friends informed me last weekend that when G was asked to pass out papers in class recently, she did it while reading a book -- book in one hand, papers in the other. "She's a reading freak!" was the friend's assessment. (Not said in a mean way, but with a sort of awe, the way you'd talk about a violin prodigy or one of those people in the Guinness Book of World Records.)