Saturday, June 14, 2008

Actually, I sprinkled her lunch with Miracle-Gro

As G walked past me just now, I did a double take and said, "Hold on. You look taller all of a sudden. Did you grow in the night or something?"

"I dunno. Let's check," she said.

So I stood her up against the wall in the kitchen where we track her height, and sure enough, she's grown half an inch since the last time I measured her on June 2. Half an inch in twelve days! Is she a kid, or a bamboo forest?

One thing's for sure, I definitely won't be buying any new school clothes until August at least. I doubt she's going to be growing at this rate all summer long -- that would equal almost three inches in 10 weeks, which sounds a bit extreme -- but even so, she could easily go through an entire size between now and then. No wonder I haven't been able to keep the pantry full lately.

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Sari said...

What are you feeding your kid?!? LOL