Wednesday, June 04, 2008

No time to breathe

On the docket for June:

* Buy G's Junior Girl Scout uniform for next year
* Mail the paperwork for G's summer day camp
* Sign G up for the city art class she wants to take
* Buy new sneakers for G
* Buy new iPod car adapter for self
* Make vet appointments for the cats
* Take G to see Kung Fu Panda
* Take G to dentist (for the first time since P died ... I know, bad mom)
* Make dentist appointment for self
* Attend G's bridging ceremony for Juniors
* (Possibly) attend school carnival
* Get oil changed
* Renew Auto Club membership
* Finally see about getting the photo added to P's plaque at the cemetery (would like to have this done by the second anniversary of his death in July)
* Host sleepover and trip to the movies for G and three friends
* Cook
* Clean
* Do laundry
* Exercise
* Work 40+ hours per week

This is why, on the rare occasions when someone asks me if I'm dating anyone these days, I always want to look at them and ask "Are you high?" I mean, really. Even if I wanted to (nope, still don't), where, in the schedule that the above list represents, could anyone possibly think there is time to go out on a date? For that matter, why would I want to add another person's needs and issues to that mix? My God! When I finally make it, gasping, to Friday night, the only male visitor I want to see at my door is the guy who brings the pizza. And then all I want to do is give him twenty dollars to go away again. Srsly.

I did have a rare chunk of free time last weekend while G was on another Girl Scout camping trip. I used it to get my hair colored -- a task I usually have to take a vacation day to accomplish -- and to see Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull. I enjoyed the movie, but I couldn't help thinking of P, who was a huge Indy fan and would have been looking forward to it for months and months. He was on my mind so much that as I was sitting there waiting for the previews to start, I kept glancing over at the empty seat beside me where he should have been, thinking that surely he was going to be there, peanut butter cups in hand, saying "This better not suck." It's a shame he'll never see it -- I think he would have liked it. But it's just as well I didn't take G, even though she wanted to go; she never would have made it through the scenes of cobweb-hung ruins all thick with skeletons. Kung Fu Panda will be much more her speed.


Humincat said...

Yeah, sounds like my schedule. Hubby took the niece and daughter to see Indiana Jones and when I asked the girls (both almost 9) if it was good they said yeah, and when I asked if it was scary they said no, and then Hubby reminded them that they had their eyes covered MANY times, especially at the end. They can't wait (neither can Hubby actually) for the Panda movie tomorrow. Glad you got to get your hair did! It always makes me feel better. Do you have a picture of P already picked out and sized, or is that part of the upcoming process?

Humincat said...

Could you email me or leave it in my comments on how to cross things off like that? Please, please, pretty please, with a cherry on top?