Monday, February 27, 2006

Books and birthdays

When G woke up yesterday morning, she immediately picked up the book she'd been reading the night before and got back into it. By the time I managed to struggle up through the murky pond of sleep myself (remember, I'd been up till 4 a.m.), she was on the final chapter.

It was the last of her library books, and I knew we weren't going to make it back to the library for a while, so later in the afternoon, we went to Borders for more reading material. She got another Jigsaw Jones book, a chapter book called Crystal the Snow Fairy, and Stories of Mermaids. The mermaid book was really too easy -- she'd half finished it before we even left the store -- but fun because it had color illustrations, which are rare even in the easiest chapter books. I was going to have her start Crystal the Snow Fairy tonight, but then our box from Amazon came with the earlier books in the Rainbow Magic series, so she read part of Ruby the Red Fairy instead. I think it's going to be a good series for her: she loves anything with fairies, and these books are better written than the Pixie Tricks ones we went through a few months ago.

In other news, today is P's birthday. He doesn't like any fuss over his birthdays, and he certainly doesn't like anyone calling attention to the fact that he's getting older, but I wouldn't be a good wife if I let the occasion pass without saying happy 36th birthday, P!!!. Hee hee.

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