Saturday, April 01, 2006

Girls' day out

G behaved so much better in ballet today. Before we went in, I reminded her of our conversation last week and said I'd give her our signal if she got out of hand. Just knowing that I was watching seemed to have a salutary effect on her, because she was as good as gold throughout the barre exercises. During the stretching break, she talked a little and practiced her splits with the other girls, which is fine -- I don't want ballet to be a grim, joyless experience for her; I just want her to learn how to judge when it's appropriate to talk and have fun, and when she needs to focus and pay attention. There are plenty of adults in the world who have never acquired that skill, and I'd rather she didn't end up as one of them.

We'd been planning to see Ice Age II this afternoon, but P had had a migraine all morning, so after ballet, G and I went home to see how it was coming along. He was better, but not well enough for the movies, so he told me to go ahead and take her by myself. When we got there, though, the show we wanted to see was sold out, and we had to buy tickets for the one after it instead. That left us with two hours to kill, so we spent some time at Barnes and Noble, then had lunch at an Italian restaurant downstairs from the theater before heading back up to get in line. We had less than ideal seats -- the absolute-front-row, break-your-neck-looking-up-at-the-screen kind -- but the movie was so much fun we didn't care. (As a side note, I definitely prefer computer-animated animals to computer-animated people. No matter how good the animation is, people just come out looking creepy -- that Barbie Swan Lake DVD G loves is enough to give me nightmares.)

We got home after 6:00, by which time P had improved enough to take a shower, go to the comic shop and start doing laundry. G and I spent a while making drawings from a cute little book I'd bought her at B&N: Hand Art, which claims you can make "a jillion pictures from just one hand." (When I asked G what a jillion was, she said "it's a number that's more than a gazillion." Fair enough.) She had some veggie nuggets and peas for dinner -- I was still too full from the Italian lunch and movie snacks to eat anything -- and now she's playing right next to me while I sit here at the computer. Speaking of which, it's time for me to finish this post so I can go start her bedtime routine.

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