Friday, February 16, 2007

I'll take it any way I can get it

G and I are at the 7-11, getting snacks for her Friday movie night. At the cash register, she sees a singing stuffed lion left over from Valentine's Day and exclaims over how cute it is.

Guy Who Owns the 7-11: You want to buy it? I give you a very good price.
Me: Oh, no thanks! We already have way too many animals at home.
Guy Who Owns the 7-11: Ha ha! You have lots of animals at home, and (pointing to G) you have one here too!
Me (politely, even though I think this is a rather offensive remark): Ha ha.
Guy Who Owns the 7-11: When you come back, I give you a very good price on the lion!
G: Can we come back tomorrow and get it, Mom? Can we?
Me: No, baby, we don't need it.
G: But --!
Me: Time to go!

We go outside and get into the car, G still talking about the lion and asking why we can't come back for it. As I'm putting the key in the ignition, there's a tap on the window. I look up, and there's a short, scruffy, slightly demented-looking guy standing right outside, eating what appears to be a chili dog in a cardboard tray. I roll my window down a little bit, figuring I can always back up over his foot if he bothers me.

Me: Yes?
Demented-Looking Guy: We've been doing surveillance all night, and you were the best mom. You passed the mom test.
Me: Um, thanks.

Having said his piece, the demented-looking guy strolls away, still eating his chili dog, and prepares to cross an eight-lane boulevard outside the crosswalk and against the light.

G: Who was that?
Me: That was a crazy man.

The embarrassing part? I actually felt a warm glow of pride at the comment. Apparently I am insecure enough about my parenting to accept validation from anyone, even a chili-dog-eating weirdo at the convenience store. Oh well.


Pixilated Mum said...

HAHAHHAHA. I am just laughing so freaking hard. Can you hear me? Oh, my word.

You're an amazing writer and observer of life, V. Your blog can make me cry in sadness or just burst into such laughing fits.

Man. Well, hey, good job parenting! ;-)

Mrs Figby said...

So classic. That is awesome.

I had a similar incident happen to me once, too, and I was ridiculously pleased about it all day.