Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh, good grief

G: Help me pick out clothes to wear to A's birthday party.
Me: Okay. How about these jeans?
G: No.
Me: How about these jeans?
G: No.
Me: How about these cute khakis?
G: No. I don't want to wear pants. I want to wear a skirt.
Me: You can't wear a skirt.
G: Why?
Me: Because it's a roller-skating party, and you need something between your knees and the floor when you fall, which you will, because you've never skated before. And also it's 55 degrees outside. It's too cold to wear a skirt.
G: I hate pants! They don't show my inner girl.
Me (stifling laughter): You can wear pants and a girly top.
G: I'll look like a boy.
Me: And nail polish.
G: I'll still look like a boy.
Me: All the other girls are going to be wearing pants.
G: That's just your theory.

She is still in her pajamas as I type this. On the bright side, at least she's employing reason this time instead of just screaming the way she did about the hair-washing. It's the little things.

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writermeeg said...

OK, this one made me laugh out loud.