Thursday, November 08, 2007

I blame it on the new math

G: Wow, Mom, you're almost 40.
Me: I am not almost 40. I'm turning 36 on Saturday. 36 is not almost 40.

New house rule: No rounding Mom's age up to the nearest 10.

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writermeeg said...

Happy, happy 36, my friend. (Of course, I have to bring up When Harry Met Sally... You know the scene, right?)

We have your name with a big star on our calendar for Saturday. And of course I haven't sent you a card. I never send birthday cards, much as I'd like to. I have a stack of beautiful cards, and not in my memory have I ever sent one in time for someone's birthday. Apologies. So, I'm sending you birthday wishes this nice, one-step way. :)