Friday, November 16, 2007

In memoriam

I've been looking for some sort of jewelry I can wear in P's memory (in addition to his wedding ring, which I already have on my left middle finger), and I think I've finally found it:

Black Titanium Soulmate Ring

"Anam cara" doesn't really mean "soulmate," it means "soul friend," like a confidant you discuss things with. P was a very introspective person and we had lots of deep talks, so it seems appropriate in both sense of the word.

There's room inside the ring for an inscription, and in a nice bit of serendipity, one of the engraving styles you can get is called "Vanessa." Clearly it's meant to be mine ... now if fate could just send $600 my way too, that would be great.


Meesh said...

Oh I love the ring! The whole idea of it as well.

I say put a tip jar on your blog with a link to this post. I know as a faithful reader who loves your writing and your openness and honesty in dealing with P's death, I would happily add to the jar every so often.

Whether it is tears or laughter you add to my day and always give me pause to think and to appreciate my here and now.

Humincat said...


Jenny said...

hear, hear!

(or is it "here, here"?)