Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mom to the rescue

This morning's excitement: voice mail from G saying that she'd spilled (unintelligible item) on herself and could I please bring her some clothes at school? I wasn't sure I had quite understood what she needed when I listened to the message, as G has a tendency to whisper into the phone, so I called back and spoke to the school nurse, who apparently is in charge of clothing disasters as well as illnesses. It turned out that G had gotten drenched with a mixture of liquid starch and glue while doing an experiment in the new science lab, and was, indeed, in desperate need of clean pants. The nurse then added that G was a very well-mannered girl and she didn't see that too often, which made me wonder exactly what G had said to her to elicit this reaction. ("Pardon me, dear lady, but I seem to have had a nasty accident with the glue; might I avail myself of your telephone?") I hope the stuff comes out of the clothes she had on -- it was a new outfit she'd only worn once before, and she loves it and would be very unhappy if it were ruined.

In other news, I haven't been able to sleep ever since the time change. WTF? Shouldn't I be getting tired earlier, since earlier is really later? It isn't working that way, though -- last night I went to bed at 2 a.m., and that was only because I forced myself to. I could easily have stayed awake another couple of hours. Not that I mind having extra time to waste, but sooner or later the lack of sleep is going to catch up with me. I hope the insomnia eases up before that happens.


writermeeg said...

Aw, G. I hope you're beaming with pride to have a well-mannered child in this day and age. You guys did something right.

Humincat said...

THANK YOU~!!! The time change TOTALLY screwed up my sleep schedule. I fall asleep way later, wake up in the middle of the night WIDE AWAKE, like ready to clean house and/or contemplate my inner child and then finally fall asleep a few hours later, only to wake up late, grumpy and unrested! Here's hoping we both get some decent sleep tonight!!