Friday, November 09, 2007

One dog's day

This evening I got my birthday present from G: a Webkinz Chocolate Lab that I named Ginger. This is actually the first time G has ever given me a birthday gift, and while she didn't pay for it herself (I think her grandfather was the capitalist behind this particular venture), she came up with the idea on her own, got someone to take her to the mall after school, picked out the Webkinz and hid it from me until today. It was very sweet of her, and she was so proud and happy when she presented it to me. She was also happy to go on the Webkinz site and spend all my KinzCash setting up Ginger's room. Hee.

Off to play some games now ... I'm really getting quite good at Candy Blast 2.

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Humincat said...

Hey, now you know what to get her for Christmas!